Allstate KW

Full Service for
Medium-Duty Towing

As you can imagine, the definition of medium-duty towing falls into the range between light-duty (vehicles with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds) and heavy-duty towing. Some companies may overestimate their abilities and think they can haul medium type loads, but in reality the conditions have to be completely perfect, and the roads clear of traffic for this to happen. When we say we can handle medium duty, we can. Our equipment is ready to take care of motorhome towing just as easily as we can move a dump truck. 

Typical Vehicles for Medium-Duty Tow Jobs

The range of vehicles that generally require the services of one of our medium-duty rigs include the following:

  • Empty - 20-Foot Container
  • Empty - (F350, F450, F550 bobtails, utility trucks)
  • Empty - 5-Yard Dump Truck
  • Empty - Less than 24-Foot Flatbed/Stakebed
  • Class C Motorhome
  • Class A Motorhome, Under 28 Feet
  • Pickup Pulling RV Trailer
  • Pickup with Loaded Utility Trailer
  • Forklifts under 7000 Pounds Weight or 5000 Pounds Lifting Capacity
  • Sprinter Van
  • Dual-Wheel Vehicle
  • Construction Equipment that Requires Winching Onto Our Lowbed Trailer