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Rotator #2

The Skills and Equipment to Handle
Heavy-Duty Towing Jobs

Thanks to more than 45 years of experience in specialty and heavy-duty towing, we know what we're doing. Our team can just as easily tackle a tractor-trailer as we can haul a school bus or concrete pumper. That experience has been gained, and also proven equally as useful, with some of the unusual pieces of equipment we've been asked to deal with such as monster cranes and reel trucks.

We set prices on a case-by-case basis, dependent upon several factors. We consider the location of the unit, how damaged or disabled it is, its accessibility, destination, and any permit requirements. When you're in need, contact us for dependable heavy towing.

The range of the some of the heavy-duty vehicles and equipment we can handle include:


  • Bus - Gillig, Bluebird, Thomas, and Other Large School Buses
  • New Flyer 40-Foot Bus
  • Tractors 2- or 3-Axle Day Cab
  • 8- or 10-bay Water Truck
  • F550, F650 Trucks That are Typically 35,000 GVW
  • Loaded - 2-Axle Bobtail or Box Truck
  • Loaded - 5-Yard Dump Truck
  • Empty - 10-Yard Dump Truck
  • Class A Motorhome Less than 28 Feet

Super Heavy-Duty:

  • Empty - F800,
  • Loaded - 10-Yard Dump Truck
  • Empty - Tractor-Trailer Combination
  • Empty - 3-Axle Bobtail or Box Truck
  • Class A Motorhome 28 - 38 feet

Rotator Heavy-Duty:

  • Loaded - F800 any type, Garbage Trucks, Cement Mixers
  • Loaded - Tractor-Trailer Combination
  • Spartan Gladiator Ladder Truck
  • 7500 6X6 Bucket Truck
  • MCI Bus
  • Class A Motorhome more than 40-Feet
  • Diesel Pusher-Type Motorhomes
  • 3-Axle Concrete Pumper
  • Tour Bus 45 feet
  • 3-Axle Super Dump Truck
  • Vac and Reel Trucks
Cemex Trucks

Recovery and Load Adjusts

If your 4X4 is in a muddy field too far for regular towing cable, or wedged firmly in a ditch and you need to be winched out, or the cargo in your trailer has shifted, and you need a load adjust, our team is ready to get you back on your way. Our customers value all our recovery and load adjust services.

RecoveryLoad Adjust

We'll provide a winch out and recovery for these situations and more:

  • Stuck in a Ditch or a Hole
  • Winch Out in a Field too far from the Road
  • Stuck from a U-Turn in a Tight Area
  • High-Centered
  • Jack-Knifed
  • Roll-Over
  • Truck or Trailer on its Side
  • Trailer Lift or Sunk in Asphalt

Law enforcement agencies and regular customers alike call us to request our lowboy trailers to haul anything that can't be moved with a wrecker. Because we understand the needs of commercial customers and the demands to get cargo moved and deadlines met, we send the correct equipment every time.

If you're overloaded at the Cordelia Inspection Scales CA, we can help. We are the only big-rig service within five miles of the I80 inspection facility, and that means we can get there quickly. Our certified forklift operators provide expert load-shifting and adjustment services. We are equipped with pallet jacks, flatbeds and lowbeds to transfer a load. We provide this service for both eastbound and westbound traffic on the I80.  We also provide emergency storage your partial load.

The types of load adjustments we handle include:

  • Incorrectly Loaded
  • Overweight
  • Load Shifted
  • Forklift Service
  • Crane Service
  • Boom-Truck Service
  • Overloaded on Drivers
  • Overloaded on Tandem Trailers

We work with towing companies in the Greater Bay Area who typically refer business to us because we can handle unusual and difficult heavy-hauling situations.